Course Code: DS-R

Duration: 45 Hours

Level: Foundation

Technology: Data Science

Delivery Method: Instructor-led (Classroom)

Training Credits: N/A

Audience: Data Analysis Professionals

R Programming Training Course


Join Best R- Language Training in Mississauga

The biggest advantage of R- Programming language offers is that it doesn’t require any technical background; any non-technical person can easily learn R Programming.


R programming is a widely popular open-source programming language that is immensely used as an open source analytics tool all around the globe. Loaded with a plenty of features, the language allows the users to carry out various statistical studies with pre-defined packages and libraries. With so many advantages for data science, R is steadily growing popular among specialists of Big Data. Having sound knowledge of this language may facilitate a person to do well in his or her career.

This certification course is designed to offer a broad introduction to R programming. Our Training Institute introduce this course to enable the students to confine a detailed learning experience of Data Science via R programming language. The students gain knowledge of how to load, save and transform data. Simultaneously, they discover the basic concepts of function, charts and statistical models with the data. The course content has a perfect combination of theoretical and practical learning on R. Unlike other courses, it focuses on developing practical knowledge and skills required in data investigation and visualization, etc.

People, who have a desire to become a data scientist, can find the complete starting material in this course. It is not a primary course, but it is an advanced course that focuses on extrapolative modeling as well as realistic tools. In order to train the students and make them ready for great, successful future, weekly tasks, case studies, and other stuff are offered by the institute. The basic motto of the course is to develop crucial skills of processing, maneuvering and scrutinizing data of diverse categories. The course content is geared up to create sophisticated visualizations, producing testimony, and recording the codes.

Why to learn R – Programming Course in IPGenius

You can earn best training from our experienced professionals to attain industry’s best ever training of this language. You can learn R Programming with because of following reasons.

  • Open source language
  • Relates to other languages
  • Cross- Platform Compatible
  • Vast Community
  • Supports Extension
  • Extremely comprehensive
  • Outstanding Graphs
  • Advanced Statistical Language

Who should attend R – Programming…?

  • Candidates who need R for their courses
  • Interested in statistics and data science
  • Web developers who want to implement data analysis feature in their webpage
  • Researchers who perform data analysis


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Authenticate Interest in Statistical Programming
  • Basic Understanding of statistic and data structure
  • Ready to run R and RStudio


Course Content

Lesson 1: R Introduction

Lesson 2: Data Inputting in R

Lesson 3: Data Visulization

Lesson 4: Basic Statistic

Lesson 5: Functions and Programming in R

Lesson 6: Data manipulation in R

Lesson 7: R an Database

Lesson 8: Statistical Modelling in R

Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will receive a IPGenius IT course attendance certificate.