Benefits of Getting a CCNP Certification

CCNP Certification is Cisco’s expert level qualification that represents Cisco Certified Network Professional. For the people who want to enhance their skills in IT Networking, this is one of the most advanced certification that is being provided by Cisco. This certification is normally earned by the people who are looking forward to get advanced in the field of IT Networking. Acquiring this qualification will validate an expert’s ability in planning, executing, managing and troubleshooting LANs and WANs in big organizations. It additionally enhances the knowledge to work as a team with different experts to manage wireless, voice, video and security arrangements.


Who can do CCNP Certification?

Individuals who have at least 1 year of experience in managing the enterprise networking systems and are ready to take their skills on an advanced level while managing more complex form of networking, they are eligible for CCNP Certification. Majority of the CCNA Certified professionals would opt for CCNA afterwards in order to expand their scope and job profile. It surely takes them to a whole new level.

What would be the career path after CCNP Course?

After you are done with your CCNP Certification, you will be having access to numerous opportunities such as network engineers, system engineers, network specialists and support engineers. CCNP course which includes Routing & Switching V2 will provide you the requisite foundation for managing not just the physical networks but also the virtualized networks of the future.


Profession Benefits of this Course

Aside from updated information and specialized abilities, CCNP Routing and Switching certification scale up a person’s employability by adding a dependable certification to the job profile. Big organizations would consider Cisco certifications and this way, hire professionals with such credible titles on their name. The average yearly salary of a CCNP Certified individual is approximately $117,000.



 CCNP Training Learning Objectives

Selecting for the CCNP Certification course will cover points including:

  • Implementing CISCO IP Routing
  • Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks
  • Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks


Gaining expertise in every one of these zones and passing three tests related with every last one of these points will qualify you for CCNP certification.

 Why do you need CCNP Training?

CCNP Training incorporates three tests which must be cleared, so as to gain a certified CCNP status, you need to excel this CCNP Training program.

However, the training given by IP Genius covers a lot more than what the conventional institutes would offer. It includes the following:

  • Implementing Cisco IP Routing (RIPng, EIGRP , OSPF, OSPFv3)
  • Implementing Basic Routing Protocol Redistribution & Route Filtering
  • Using Cisco Express Forwarding Switching
  • Implementing Path Control
  • Planning Enterprise Internet Connectivity
  • Establishing Single-Homed IPv4 Internet Connectivity & IPv6 Internet Connectivity
  • Improving Resilience of Internet Connectivity
  • Considering Advantages of Using BGP
  • Implementing Basic BGP Operations,Attributes and Path Selection, BGP for IPv6 Internet Connectivity
  • Using BGP Process
  • Securing Cisco Routers
  • Describing Routing Protocol Authentication Options


When it comes to CCNP training program, you need to make sure that you are getting the training from an authorized training center. IP Genius is a Cisco authorized training center which will make sure to cover all the important points of whatever subject that you are opting for. So, if you are looking to get Cisco Certification in CCNA, CCNP or CCIE, you can put your trust in us.

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