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Cisco Certification

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What Students Say

Hammad Shoaib

Vijay,Just wanted to give you the good news that I got my number on the firrst attempt.Thank you very very much for your help with everything! A present is due from my side!! My CCIE – R&S studies at IPGenius with Vijay Patel is extremely in depth. His teaching style has a unique touch that makes technology interesting and you tend to remember things when it comes to the nitty gritty details of routing and switching protocols. I think my decision to choose IPGenius was definitely beneficial to me and I’d use them again in the future when I go for other CCIE courses!

CCIE R&S # 29066

Pulin Patel

I would like to thank IPGenius and Vijay from the bottom of my heart for what I am today. The technical training provided by the institute was remarkable. It helped me pass my R/S exam with full confidence. Not to mention the flexible payment plans were amazing.

CCIE R&S# 24849

Shripal Trivedi

Hi Vijay, first of all I would like to thank you again and again solely from my heart for your kind support and mentoring me for my CCIE journey. You have meant a lot to me during my worst times of study and practicing. You are one of the important factor’s of my CCIE study tool…….without your co-operation and support; it wouldn’t have been possible for me to get through this journey. I learnt a lot during this period and you supported very well. You also gave me full support mentally and high level comfort during my study as well as during rack sessions, which i practiced during my CCIE Study. I would also like to mention about the flexible reservation policy combined with adaptive pricing strategy which are also attractive.

CCIE R&S # 27580

Bhavesh Patel

I have done it!! I am CCIE#28223 after so much hard work. I have to say thanks to Vijay and his in-depth training and the resources at I passed! I still can’t believe it, it feels so amazing to know that I have my digits. I owe it to Vijay and his sense of humor. The hours in bootcamp passed faster than any other training I have been in. I had a lot of fun while learning in-depth topics needed for the exam. I though I could do it without the help of an instructor, but after passing, it was evident that I couldn’t have done it without Vijay’s approach. The bootcamp at IPGenius has goes into such depth and any questions that I had were explained crystal-clear on the spot using live equipment. It was amazing to see Vijay work. Sometimes I thought he wore a Teflon coating; problems would bounce off him and end up solved

CCIE R&S # 28223

Sachin Desai

It is often said that overall success depends on hard work and dedication but a great deal of my success is due to Vijay’s knowledge and commitment to help his students succeed. IPGenius has greatly exceeded what I have expected a training school to provide its students and for dedication I am truly grateful. Vijay, your assistance in my passing the exams on first attempt is truly and sincerely appreciated. Thanks a million for making this dream come true for me. Today not only I achieved the CCIE, but I gained lot of experience and knowledge from this course.

CCIE RS # 284947

Nishant Patel

IPGenius is the place to learn the technology. I want to thank Vijay for all his classroom teaching, hands-on training to the lab equipments and his prompt response whenever I found myself in trouble, he is truly a great instructor. Vijay believed in me more than myself that I could pass my CCIE exam on my first attempt. Vijay also helped me to develop the strategy to perform the lab and the last month study was the key for passing the exam. Thanks again to Vijay for his guidance and support during my journey to the lab was perfectly suited to all our needs and various scenarios for Trouble shooting. Vijay’s Techniques and teaching power, make me eagle eye to solve the trouble shooting problem. This was one of the most important parts of LAB exam that increase my confidenceand passing this exam. Also thanks to IPGenius student. Group study helps a lot during my study. it was like butter on brad, Finally I want to thank my parents and wife. It would have been very difficult to achieve this certification with 3 years old daughter.

CCIE R&S # 28840

Vimal Shah

Thanks to IPGenius and specially to Vijay for his motivation , guidance and all the effort involved for me to pass CCIE exam. All the equipment in the lab was perfectly suited to all our needs and various scenarios for Trouble shooting. Vijay’s Techniques and teaching power, make me eagle eye to solve the trouble shooting problem. This was one of the most important parts of LAB exam that increase my confidence and passing this exam. Also thanks to IPGenius student. Group study helps a lot during my study. it was like butter on brad, Finally I want to thank my parents and wife. It would have been very difficult to achieve this certification with 3 years old daughter.

CCIE RS # 28946

Narinder Thakur

I can’t believe that I got my CCIE in less than 8 months on my First Attempt!!!!! I’d like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all the staff members and CCIE batch students at IPGenius. I feel that whatever I have achieved was only because of the hands-on training and skill set provided at this school. Without a doubt I can say that Mr. Vijay is one of the hardest working guys with whom I have interacted in my educational & professional carrier. Students of this center are always able to count on his knowledge & insight to ensure their success. I would highly recommend IPGenius for your professional training and certifications.

CCIE R&S #36682

Muddasir Iqbal

I am very excited to share this great news with you that I have got my CCIE #. All of this happened because of your mentoring, coaching, guidance and encouragement. I will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in to educate me. The expertise and efforts which you put to teach was really great.Thank you so much again Vijay for making my dream to reality.

CCIE RS # 34375

Emad Salahuddin

Vijay Patel has been an impeccable resource during my journey towards attaining CCIE. It was a journey where Vijay was there throughout mentoring and motivating each time. IP Genius is no ordinary brick and mortar institute. Due to extreme dedication from Vijay towards the course and more importantly to his students, he has made IP Genius a one stop institute for all my technical know-how. He has always been approachable whether in class, phone or by email which makes him an outstanding instructor. He always wanted his students to succeed and to make that happen he was always willing to spend countless hours making sure that the topic is understood. I would highly recommend IP Genius for your studies.

CCIE R&S# 37086

Alex L.

I am very happy to have attained my Cisco CCIE certification; after so much work and dedication I have achieved my goal. I am very thankful to IPGenius Institute and especially to our teacher Vijay Patel whom provided his time with unsurpassed dedication. Vijay’s knowledge, experience, and dedication to his students and school is extraordinary. He explained all curriculum in great detail, which helped me understand the different technologies taught by Cisco. I would definitely recommend the institute. Thank you.

CCIE R&S # 37135

Dipak Patel

This would have not been possible without IPGenius..IPGenius has played a vital role in my achievement as always. I have been aspiring to achieve CCIE RS certification for few years now , finally i got it . I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help during my journey to achieve CCIE RS from the day one to day before lab exam..It all started with your encouragement , teaching influenced by Vijay’s inspiration . I will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in, for educating . The expertise and efforts which you put to teach was really great.

CCIE (R/S) # 29731

Vivek Luther

Vijay dives so deep in technology while teaching with his very interesting metaphors, learning was fun, otherwise I would not have passed in first attempt, With Vijay’s teaching its very hard to Fail CCIE.

CCIE (R/S) # 33175

Maulik Jadav

I am a CCIE now, it is yet to sink in. The main reason is that I cannot believe that I have achieved this prestigious and tough certificate. So all the credit for making my dream a reality goes to my instructor, Vijay, and each and every one at IPGenius. The innumerable hours I spent attending the ever so entertaining classes by Vijay are absolutely priceless. His analogies and way of teaching each technology is phenomenal to say the least. One has to attend his class to believe that even CCIE can be achieved this easily and joyfully. Whatever I say about him will be less for all the support and guidance he has given me. I am truly thankful for all that. Finally I have to thank each and every one at IPGenius and all my peers. The countless hours we spent on group studies were the right enforcement to nail everything in my brain. I truly had the best time at IPGenius. “It is all worth it” as Vijay used to say so many times in the class, I now get it. Thank you so much.

CCIE (R/S) # 29123

Harshil Patel

Yes! Finally I’ve got my CCIE# 28969 on my first attempt. First, I would like to say thanks to Vijay for giving me this great opportunity and I would also like to say thanks to everyone at IPGENIUS for their support. When I first started at IPGENIUS, I would’ve never thought in my wildest dreams that I would get my CCIE #, but Vijay never stopped believing in me and I would have to say he never quits on any of his students. IPGENIUS is a place where you learn your technology in depth and get hands-on experience through an amazing instructor and his sense of humour. Group study, Vijay’s approach with every technology and the resources at IPGENIUS was the main reason I passed my ccie lab on my first attempt. Time flies by really fast but it has been an amazing journey and I will not forget coming to ipgenius in the morning and studying all day, but now I know it was all worth it. I still can’t believe I did it, this is just an amazing feeling and a great accomplishment for me.

CCIE RS # 28969

Jazz Gill

I started my Cisco learning at IPGenius to get some basic knowledge on configuring Cisco equipment. I did not plan to obtain my CCIE until I dived deeper into the technologies taught by Vijay. Thanks to Vijay’s encouragement, motivation and preparation. I was able to pursue and obtain my CCIE certification. The hands on practice with the lab equipment and Vijay’s style of teaching has made me feel confident and prepared for the challenges I will face in the industry. I would like to thank IPGenius, the staff and especially Vijay for putting me on a path of lifelong learning in Cisco.

CCIE (R/S) # 33800


Embanking on the CCIE journey was though and rough. And finally I got my Number. IPGenius was with me through this journey in achieving my CCIE in R&S. The rack equipment ware great and during the class session we had a great class TEAM. Vijay being the instructor was relentless and very energetic and available to answer any questions you might have. His approach of teaching is excellent and the CCIE R&S Workbook was broken into the detail Technologies. His mythological approach to troubleshooting greatly helped in the troubleshooting section of the Lab. Thanks to IPGenius and Vijay for making my CCIE journey successful.

CCIE RS # 30118

Naeem Aziz

I still remember the first time when I met VIJAY and learnt about his approach to CCIE lab exam. I immediately realized that it was exactly what I was looking for. His influential lectures and enthusiastic in-class delivery followed by hands on practice with his workbook made studying for the exam fun and easy. Vijay’s work book is clear and concise and offers much more information than I expected. Above all the full time support in terms of the rack access, even after the completion of the course was tremendous. In his own words… “I am with you till the time you get your number.” As a CCIE aspirant, I believed that we must be the best we can be – for the sake of our lab exam and for our careers. I must tell you that taking the class with VIJAY helped and what a great teaching job he does. VIJAY is truly a networking instructor. I admire what he does, and how he does it. A big thank you to everyone at IP GENIUS. From the core of my heart I believe it would not have been possible without VIJAY and his extraordinary support.” Thank you and all the best…

CCIE R&S # 37453

Manish Lalwani

CCIE Collaboration an excellent program lead by an excellent instructor, Vijay, a legend in CCIE training, was the most proficient instructor. He brought the real issues to the forefront and makes you keenly aware of the pitfalls that befall most CCIE candidates. The program in general seems to be very focused on helping candidates to understand how the tests are written and what exactly they are looking for and for good reason. This program was really meant to be designed from the inside out and as such I found many helpful ‘insider tips’ along the way that help you identify several potential pitfalls.

CCIE # 54210

Arif Jahangiri

IPgenius give me the support and knowledge that I need to pass my CCIE collaboration Exam within 4 months. Thank you, Sir Vijay and Jigna for your support and training that you provided.

CCIE #55771

Awais Ahmad

My learning experience at IPGenius was great because the environment along with the learning material made sure I was well prepared for my IT career. Teacher provided in depth knowledge of how the technology works and boosted my confidence level with clear understanding. I recommend IP Genius to anyone who is looking to excel in life.

CCIE#: 56409

Jitender Batra

I’m really impressed with the technical knowledge of Mr. Vijay Patel. The support extended by him to address the queries anytime is simply outstanding. It’s the best training I have ever attended. Thank you once again for all your support.

CCIE # 39328

Yasir Iqbal

The way Vijay design CCIE Collaboration program is practical and interactive. You can practice every technology you learned in the class on devices rather than doing labs on simulators. I must say I cannot pass my CCIE exam only in 9 months from any other place.

CCIE #55104

David Yohanna

So you think you want to become a Cisco CCIE?” You’ve figured out the blueprint and realized its allot of study. You need lab equipment, someone to help you with your questions. You think you have a plan but you are no longer sure because you’ve previously failed the lab exam. IPGenius prepares you in understanding that accomplishing this goal demands the highest level of discipline. IPGenius helps you realize the most challenging goal you’ve ever decided upon. IPGenius will help you get your Cisco CCIE.

CCIE # 54269

Adnan Ansari

Thanks Vijay for being a great instructor and helping me achieve another difficult goal. “I would like to thanks ipgenius team for their support to obtain my CCIE.

CCIE # 49951

Ankit Sathwara

It feels great having CCIE number!! A biggest Thanks to Vijaykumar and IPGenius team for their exceptional technical guidance, support and encouragement. Vijaykumar is great instructor. His technical knowledge and dedication encouraged me a lot to give my best for this Exam and is one of the biggest reason I could pass CCIE Collaboration Exam in my 1st attempt

CCIE # 54164

Ali Mazhar

I am so grateful for all the work that everyone at IP Genius put in so that I was able to achieve my aspirations to become a CCIE-Collab. After the exam was finished, I was surprised how much I learned …and retained! At IP Genius the focus is to impart/refresh rudimentary IT knowledge to all its students and with this philosophy they are able to provide deep rooted foundations for their students. I offer a big big thanks to all who worked so hard for so long to create this amazing program for IT Professionals & of course to Sir Vijay, I offer utmost praise, for his unrelenting commitment towards the students learning and career paths, and of course to Mrs. Jigna Patel who has been an ocean of support

CCIE# 53837

Ali Hasan Syed

IPgenius gave life to my dreams. For years I was planning to get CCIE but for some reason I couldn’t find an institute who was capable enough to guarantee me that I will achieve my goals in a span of just 6 months. Vijay sir is one of the best and most hardworking teachers that I have come across in my life. He made me believe that my dream is possible and failure is a part of life, all I need to do is keep working hard. He provided me with extra support late in the evening and early in the morning. He was always there when I needed help from. He is a straight forward and gets things done. It was a long journey but in the end I achieved a milestone which was getting CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. This was not possible without IPgenius.

CCIE # 55247

Syed Fahad Shah

I am glad to share with you that I got my CCIE in October 2016. Not long ago, I remember my first conversation with Vijay, I was told that registering with Ip Genius mean guarantee CCIE number. At that time I did even pass my written exam. Material was provided to me to get my written part done. Lab equipment was up to date and identical to what you going to have in the actual lab. If you have a plan to do CCIE, IP Genius is the only place I would recommend. Unlimited rack access 24/7, you can walk into the lab even after office hours. Above all Vijay is just a call away whenever you need help. With regards to Vijay‘s knowledge, He is a HEXA CCIE and that tells you a lot about him. There are only handful people who have accomplished this. I am certain you won’t regret going to IP genius.

CCIE # 54459

Gautam Bhandari

I have studied CCNA (R&S), CCNA/CCVP bundle & CCIE (Collaboration) from IP Genius and would like to thank Vijay Sir and whole IP Genius team for their guidance and extended support, without them it would never be possible. About Vijay Sir, I have never seen so dedicated, honest, and knowledgeable person, having in-depth knowledge of different technologies, under his Mentor-ship only I could achieve my goals. I 100% recommend IP genius for your professional training and certifications.

CCIE # 54279

Jatin Tandon

I came around the Ipgenius name on Facebook and called the number provided in advertisement. The very first time I spoke to Vijay, I realised I got my guru to guide me towards CCIE and also to be a better professional. Vijay’s streamlined approach towards teaching different technologies with in depth lectures and deep thorough work books were fabulous. I learned the nitty gritty of the technology and concepts were explained to me and whole class in a manner I can never forget. Vijay never let me fall off the track and helped me get the certificate I wanted and intern it helped me getting a decent job opportunity. Strongly recommend IPGENIUS to anyone who is new to networking/VoIP/cisco and especially who wants to do something to enter IT and earn great rewards.

CCIE # 54753

Harminder Singh

IP Genius gave me the support and encouragement that I needed. An extremely knowledgeable and helpful mentor in addition to the right environment sets the platform for success. Special thanks to Mr. Vijay Kumar Patel, without whose support it would have not been possible for me to fulfill this goal. I recommend this place to everyone who wishes to have their CCIE dreams fulfilled…..because it did mine!!

CCIE # 54184

Mohammad Ali

I would like to thank you IPGenius and especially Vijay for all your support to achieve my CCIE # 54102 Collaboration. I wish you all the best and hope to learn more from you in the future.

CCIE # 54102

Pankaj Vijayvargiya

I would like to thank IP GENIUS for providing excellent support in achieving my CCIE Collaboration in first attempt. Mr. Vijay Patel is an excellent teacher with a Great In-depth knowledge of the subject matter. All the training material, videos, racks are very professionally setup so to give students a real exam scenario. I would certainly recommend IP GENIUS to anyone, who wants to accomplish CCIE.

CCIE # 53711

Arpit Patel

IPgenius is by far one of the best institutions out there. With Vijay’s helping hand IPgenius has thrived in accommodating the needs of many with aspirations of pursuing the CCIE. From knowledge to guidance, this institute is what allowed me to gain my CCIE Collaboration. I have nothing but gratitude for it and the people who run it, thank you Vijay, Jigna, my batch and fellow classmates I couldn’t have done it without you, the rigorous studying has finally paid off.

CCIE #55282

Darshak Patel

Ipgenius has changed my life. They have given me more support than I got at my school or university and now I have a better understanding of what to do with my future. Vijay’s passion for technology is immense and he will take you to the depth of the technology. I have never seen a person that has this much passion for technology. Hands down he’s the BEST. I would definitely recommend Ipgenius because it is the BEST place to get the future that you want.

CCIE #55316

Dimple Mujoo

I cannot thank you enough for your help and supports in preparing for the lab exam. I really appreciate your candid training and guidance style. Thanks for all the motivation because it was not possible for me to do focus study and practice with routine office and family commitments. Anyways all is well that ends well. I would recommend IPGenius for any candidates who wish to pass CCIE Collab.

CCIE #56125

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